Is this…


“This house is always a wreck.

“What’s wrong with me?”

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re just overwhelmed.  And we’ve got the solution.

We break your household projects—like catching up on laundry, cleaning the kitchen, or just taking better care of yourself—into easy, manageable steps, like this:

Step One:
Go get a couple of cardboard boxes.

With OrderlyBee, one step is all you ever see.
You always know what to do next. 
No more wasted time, no more feeling overwhelmed.

You’re up and doing.  Quickly.
Triumphantly.  Happily.


We’re In This Together

You’ll move through each project alongside a group of friendly, supportive people all working on the same project as you.   And it’s all anonymous, so everyone can share pictures and stories without worrying about privacy or judgement.

Group of working people, business men and business women avatar icons. Flat design people characters.

You’ll have a clean, organized home and be proud that you did it all yourself (with a little help from your new friends and OrderlyBee!).


We’ll teach you.
We know awesome tricks to make cleaning easier and faster.  Wonderful organizing hacks.  Ways to get the people you love to help you without nagging or resentment.  And we’ll share all of it with you.

We’ll help you do big projects and stay on top of routine, repeating tasks.
When you’re woking on a big project, it’s easy to lose sight of routine tasks—things like shopping, laundry, and washing the dog.  To help with that, you’ll have your own online Routine Tasks Checklist to help keep your life running smoothly.

We’ll help you take better care of yourself, too.
We’ll help you build healthy self-care habits—like sleeping better, taking medicines and vitamins on-time-every-time, and practicing relaxation techniques for stress reduction—so you’ll begin to feel better.  And when you feel better, everyone around you will feel better, too.

We won’t forget, even if you do.
If you don’t login for 3 days, we’ll send you a gentle reminder email.  You’ll get that email from us rain or shine, even on Leap Day.  Plus our Weekly Buzz newsletter that informs and instructs.

We’ll cheer you on.
Your group will be with you every step of the way to cheer your success and encourage you if the going gets tough.  Earn awards and badges.  Read inspiring before-&-after stories and pictures—and maybe post some of your own, so your fellow bees can “oo” and “ah.”  Bees work together, and so do we.

You can do it.

(We believe in you.)

See how it works!

The next 15 minutes could

change your life.

Are you easily distracted?

(It’s okay.  A lot of us are.)

Interruptions are a part of life, but some of us find it especially hard to get back to what we were doing.
OrderlyBee is great for everyone, but it’s especially helpful for those of us with
ADHD, anxiety, or depression.

We get you.

Orderlybee is…

  • a new way to clean and organize
  • fun and easy
  • an exciting, social experience

Orderlybee is not…

  • a cleaning service
  • expensive
  • boring

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