Hello, order.
Goodbye, anxiety.

Get your home, car, office, wardrobe, pets,
and everything else clean and organized.
And have fun doing it.

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How Does it Work?


Choose a project.

We have lots of projects to choose from, big and small.  Everything from tackling a mountain of laundry to hosting a picnic—and we add great new projects all the time.


Meet your colony.

You’ll move through each new project with a group of friendly, supportive people, all working on the same project as you.  Share results.  Cheer each other on.  Reward each other.  And have fun.


Take one step.

We break big tasks down into small, easy steps.  You see one step at a time, so you always know exactly what to do next, and you’re never overwhelmed.  No more anxiety or wasted time.

Stop stressing, and start doing.

No more overthinking.

Beat analysis paralysis once and for all.

Start relaxing
right now.

Complete awesome projects like these:

for your home,

  • A Welcoming Entryway
  • A Sparkling Kitchen
  • A Lovely Bathroom You’ll Want to Spend Time In

for your health

  • Medicine: On Time, Every Time
  • Exercising Daily (Really!)
  • The Better-Sleep Bedroom Makeover

for your relationships

  • Letting Go of Toys Without Tears
  • A Date to Remember
  • Tidy in No Time with the 100 Things Game

…with great new projects coming all the time!

No risk.  Free for 14 Days. 
Easy to cancel (but you won’t want to!)

We also help with routine tasks.

We help you stay on top of routine, repeating tasks, too.
We send a helpful email every day, to remind you about things like shopping, laundry, and washing the dog.

We won’t forget, even if you do.
You’ll get that email from us every day, rain or shine, even on Leap Day.  Plus a weekly newsletter.

We’ll teach you.
We know awesome tricks to make cleaning easier and faster.  Wonderful organizing hacks.  Ways to get the people you love to help you without nagging or resentment.  And we’ll share all of it with you.

We’ll celebrate your accomplishments.
You’ll earn a snazzy, electronic badge for every project you complete.  Or visit our Buzzboard, where you can share before-&-after pictures or give others a shout out.  Bees work together, and so do we.

No more feeling overwhelmed and frantic.

Give OrderlyBee™ a try right now.

Two weeks can change your life.

Get your free 14 day trial membership today.  We make it easy to cancel, and after your free trial, membership costs as little as 25¢ per day.  We think it’s the best money you’ll ever spend on yourself.

Do it for you.  Do it for those you love.  Do it now.