Honey B.

Honey B.

Honey is the founder of OrderlyBee.

If Your House is a Wreck, Here’s Why.

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Why do almost half us us spend only 8 minutes a day cleaning our homes? It’s not what you think.

Though most (81%) Americans say having a clean home is important, half (43%) spend less than 8 minutes a day cleaning. (1)  We all know that’s just not enough.  So, what stops us?  It’s not what you think.

It’s not that we’re too busy.  Or too tired.  It’s not that we’re anxious or depressed or just plain lazy.  It’s that we’re overwhelmed.  The problem is so big that we don’t know where to start, much less how to finish the whole job.  Usually we don’t finish.  Sometimes, we don’t even start.  

And the whole time we’re not doing, things are piling up.  The problem gets worse and worse, until it starts interfering with our lives, our relationships, and our self-esteem.

1) America, Karcher North. “43 Percent of Americans Clean Before They See Dirt, New Kärcher Survey Reveals.” PR Newswire: Press Release Distribution, Targeting, Monitoring and Marketing, 29 June 2018, www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/43-percent-of-americans-clean-before-they-see-dirt-new-karcher-survey-reveals-300373204.html

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